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Institute for Naming Children Humanely



Now In Our Second Year Of Enlightening The World

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What Are We About?

The Institute for Naming Children Humanely is a non-profit organization dedicated to achieving a better society through better names for children.

How Can Better Names Improve Society?

A child's name is the most important label he or she will ever receive. It will stay with the child throughout their whole lives. Parents who choose names poorly create misleading labels for their children. These labels can cause their children to be mocked, stereotyped, or ostracized. Mocked, stereotyped, and ostracized children grow to become demented adults.

What Constitutes a Bad Name?

The crack research staff at the Institute have isolated several different types of bad names. These names are listed by category below.



Special Categories of Bad Names


The Index of Names


The Index features common names (if, indeed, any names are "common" anymore), with a notice from the Institute on whether they are acceptable for use on children or not.


NOTE: Due to excessive spam, the Chairman will not continue to update the mailbag. However, he will still send personal replies to your mail.

How do I Contact the Institute?

The Institute's Chairman can be contacted at He welcomes any comments, questions about names, potential members, and hate mail. Guests are also encouraged to sign the guestbook.



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